How far can a strong neodymium iron boron magnet absorb?


There are many netizens asking how far the magnet can b […]

There are many netizens asking how far the magnet can be absorbed. The problem is attracted to the Permanent Magnet Material. The problem is as follows: I want a strong magnet with the following specifications: a round or square strong magnet with a diameter of 40 to 80 mm and a thickness of no more than 6 Millimeter, can absorb 50 grams of iron outside one meter. Is this possible?

So is there a definition of how strong a strong NdFeB magnet can be sucked? This problem cannot give a particularly accurate answer. The adsorption force of a magnet is proportional to the square of the distance. Relatively speaking, the larger the surface area of the strong NdFeB magnet The more magnetic induction lines in space, the longer the suction distance.

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This is related to the magnetic field strength of the magnet and also to the quality of the object being sucked. There is no specific value.

According to the magnetic force of the magnet, it is necessary to determine how far it can attract the iron needle. For the NdFeB permanent magnet, a 40x20x3mm long piece magnet is about 5mm away from the limit distance of the suction.

If the customer wants to know a more accurate method, he can purchase the magnet to go back to the test or let the magnet manufacturer do a test.