Magnetic therapy of neodymium iron boron strong magnet


I. Magnetized water in history The compass of one of th […]

I. Magnetized water in history The compass of one of the four great inventions in ancient China, magnetic force is one of the four basic forces of nature.
It is an example of the clever application of powerful magnets.
Li Shizhen, a medical scientist of the Ming Dynasty, discovered that the magnetically treated water had a "de-sucking, long-skinned" long drink five hundred years ago.
It is advisable to enter the wine "Aphrodisiac" and other effects (see "Compendium of Materia Medica" 583586) to strengthen the body and treat a variety of diseases.
However, the magnetic data applied by the ancients is a naturally occurring natural magnet-strong magnetite, and its magnetic properties are very low compared with modern synthetic magnetic materials.
Second, the high-strength magnetic king - NdFeB strong magnet third generation NdFeB strong magnet - Fe-B came out, 1983.
Its magnetic field strength is more than ten times that of ordinary magnets, and its service life is more than ten years?
The magnetic energy product discovered by human society has been hailed as "Magnetic King" widely used in high-tech fields such as national defense, aerospace technology, microwave, communication, electronics, and medical care.
Third, the principle of descaling and anti-scaling of NdFeB magnets
NdFeB, the magnetic therapy of a powerful magnet, the water molecules are simultaneously deformed at an angle and length, and the water passes through a neodymium iron boron strong magnet: after high-strength magnetization treatment.
The hydrogen bond angle is reduced from 105 degrees to about 103 degrees, causing a series of changes in the physicochemical properties of water.
The activity and solubility of water are greatly improved. Calcium carbonate in water decomposes during the cooking process to form lower soft calcium bicarbonate, which is not easy to accumulate on the wall and is easily taken away by water.
In addition, the degree of polymerization of water is increased, and the dissolved solid matter becomes finer particles.
After the particles are refined, the distance between the two ions is small, and it is not easy to condense on the wall, thereby achieving the effect of descaling.