magnetic steel is real steel


More advanced than they are magnetic steel: magnetic st […]

More advanced than they are magnetic steel: magnetic steel is real steel, the composition of which has a higher content of nickel than iron. It is generally smelted in an intermediate frequency electric furnace (only one hundred kilograms per furnace), and is cast and formed. Because of the accuracy requirements of some planes, it is generally ground by a grinding machine. Then magnetize and become a product. This kind of magnetic steel is used in all kinds of meters that measure electricity. A more advanced magnetic material is a neodymium iron boron magnetic material. They are substances containing rare earth elements lanthanum, iron and boron. The production is made by a hard alloy method: by powder-mixing-molding-sintering-finishing-magnetizing. This type of magnetic material has the highest magnetic field strength, best performance and the most expensive price.
It is used in defense military and precision equipment. The rotor of the stepper motor in the electronic watch is. Ah, the maglev train is definitely the kind of magnetic material used. Ferrite permanent magnet materials are: 锶-ferrite permanent magnet materials and barium-ferrite permanent magnet materials, which are also isotropic and anisotropic. Speaker magnets are generally made of ferrite permanent magnet materials. Metal permanent magnet materials mainly include AlNiCo permanent magnet materials and rare earth permanent magnet materials. The rare earth permanent magnet material is further divided into: samarium cobalt permanent magnet material and neodymium iron boron permanent magnet material. The rare earth permanent magnet material is made by a powder metallurgy process.