Introduction, Analysis and Application of Permanent Magnet Motor


Bonded NdFeB magnets have extremely high dimensional ac […]

Bonded NdFeB magnets have extremely high dimensional accuracy and magnetic uniformity?
It can be made into a complex shape that is difficult to realize by machining, and it is easy to integrate with other parts and form a large-scale production consistency.
Bonded NdFeB magnets have various magnetization modes, low eddy current loss and strong corrosion resistance.
The magnetic properties of bonded NdFeB are as follows
Br: 3000~8000Gs
Hci : 4000---16000 Oe
BHmax: 2.5-11.5MGOe
The commonly used surface treatment is electrophoretic epoxy, and the color is black and gray.
Salt spray test ≥72 Hours, and the maximum working temperature is 150-180 °C
In order to achieve good, consistent mechanical and magnetic properties, the maximum height of the forming height is 50mm and the wall thickness is 0.35mm.
The inner and outer diameter dimensional tolerances can be +/- 0.05mm or less.
Product performance:
Bond-molded NdFeB is isotropic, and it is not necessary to orient the magnet in the pressing process;
Among the isotropic magnets, the magnetic properties of the bonded NdFeB are the highest.
Bonded NdFeB magnets are mainly used in various micro motors, such as spindle motors, stepper motors, synchronous motors, DC motors, and brushless DC motors.
It can partially replace sintered NdFeB magnets and ferrite magnets, making the assembly process of the motor simpler, more reliable, lower cost and higher efficiency.
The magnet can be subjected to cathodic electrophoretic coating, Parylene coating and sprayed epoxy coating.
The coating effect is smooth and compact, with good anti-rust effect and anti-shedding. The magnet is subjected to radial multipole, planar multipole and radial magnetization according to customer's needs.
Customer injection plastic inserts and metal inserts
The bonded NdFeB magnet is generally prepared by mixing NdFeB alloy powder with an epoxy resin, and may also be mixed with plastic by injection or extrusion molding. It has the following characteristics:
1. High magnetic performance: The magnetic properties are between the sintered NdFeB magnet and the ferrite magnet, and the consistency and stability are better.
2. High dimensional accuracy and large degree of freedom of shape: The shape and size of the product are determined by the mold. It can be made into a free shape such as a ring shape, a tile shape, or a block shape, and does not require sintering and post-machining.
3. Good corrosion resistance: It can be used in daily or harsh environments after electrophoretic coating or some special treatment.
4. Diversification of magnetization: The magnetic pole can be filled with multi-pole and oblique pole, and the waveform can be square wave or sine wave.
5. Suitable for large quantities and high production efficiency.