Classifications of magnets


There are too many classifications of magnets. Here is […]

There are too many classifications of magnets. Here is a brief explanation:

There are two main types of magnetic materials: the first is permanent magnet material (also called hard magnetic): the material itself has the characteristics of preserving magnetic force. The second is soft magnetic (also called electromagnet): the need for external power to generate magnetic force, we are talking about magnets, generally refers to permanent magnet materials.

There are also two major classifications of permanent magnet materials: the first category is: alloy permanent magnet materials include rare earth permanent magnet materials (NdFeBB Nd2Fe14B), SmCo (SmCo), Niobium NiCo (NdNiCO). The second major category is: ferrite permanent magnet materials (Ferrite) are divided into: Sintered Ferrite, bonded ferrite (rubber magnet), injection molded ferrite (Zhusu Ferrite) The three processes are divided into isotropic and anisotropic magnets depending on the orientation of the magnet crystal.